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Best Choice Indpendent Insurance Services
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Best Choice Independent Insurance Services is located in Sioux Falls, SD and provides insurance services for clients throughout the State of South Dakota.

We focus on simply providing the best health care plans to fit your individual needs. Representing several full-service South Dakota licensed companies, we research these companies for our clients to find the best possible insurance option that is available to fit their specific needs.

Why is it important to have an Independent Agent?

Independent agents who represent multiple companies are working exclusively for their clients, rather than working for a specific insurance company. This allows them to research various companies to find the best combination of benefits and premium to fit individual needs.

We all know that change is a way of life, as your needs change an independent agent has the ability to be of great service, by researching the various companies available and finding the best solution. You are able to keep your insurance "current", all without you having to change insurance agents.

Change also happens in the insurance industry, an independent agent is constantly monitoring these changes for you, and if a better solution for your insurance needs becomes available, your independent agent can make you aware of the new information. You can then make a more educated decision if a change is best for you specific insurance  needs.